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Five Minute Friday


Thanks to a good friend I’ve decided to start up doing Five Minute Fridays.  Be on the lookout for my weekly posts on one of Kate Motaung’s prompts.  I’m not starting today because well, I don’t know why.  Of course I know why!  I’m distracted and wound up.  I will wait until I’m calmer so I can give it my best shot and really start the year off right in respect to blogging.

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Five Minute Friday


Teaching Empathy


This post is a response to the article Teaching Empathy: The Ancient Way Is Now Cutting-Edge.  Click on the linked title to read the article and then see what I have to say.

As a firm believer in the Responsive Classroom I find myself in the minority as more and more schools place an unfair emphasis on standardized test scores. RC stresses emotional and social education, intertwined with the academic instruction. There is ALWAYS time to teach and to practice how to be a good friend, a kind neighbor, and a supportive teammate. I would like to research, in great depth, the organizations mentioned in this article, CASEL, Developmental Studies Center, Novo Foundation, 1440 Foundation, and the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust. How are these organizations helping to make sure that social and emotional education is given just as great focus as test preparation currently is given? I’d love to hear your thoughts on social and emotional education, test preparation, the over-emphasis of one to the detriment of the other. You tell me what you are thinking.

The Helpers


This quote has made the rounds recently due to the horrible events that took place at the Boston Marathon. I am working really hard to focus on the positive in life and I feel as though this quote, from Mr. Rogers, encapsulates that effort perfectly. In a world where it is all to easy to focus on the negative, terrible, destructive events surrounding us we all need reminders to focus on the helpers. Bad things will happen but it is in our power to see the good. We are challenged to find the humanity that all but seems to be disappearing.

What are you doing to find the helpers?  Please leave a comment.